GST Registration?

  • Turnover of goods and services crossing Rs.20/40 Lakhs
  • E-commerce operators – Such as Flipkart, Snapdeal Etc
  • Non Resident entities - Any Non-resident person or company supplying goods or services irrespective of turnover.
  • Inter-state supplies - Anyone supplying goods or services to another state, need to apply for GST regardless of turnover. Even online service provider serving customers in another State will instantly attract GST registration.
  • Vendors through Ecommerce portals – Persons who supplies goods through E-commerce sites
  • Services from outside India – Any person providing services out of India need to register GST with irrespective of turnover.
Process for GST Registration:

Collection of information


Drafting application


GST allotment

Why RCCO for GST?

One Point of Contact

RCCO assigns one point of contact manager for assisting and filing GSTR

Periodic Reminder

Reminders to avoid last minute rush and assessee can make arrangements for GST tax payment


RCCO team equipped with expertise GST knowledge specifically for small and medium based establishments